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Luke Station Solo/Duo/Trio/band - Song List Luke's repertoire is revolved around his combination of singing, playing Piano and Beatboxing since 2013. He is currently playing in other bands with genres ranging from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop. He released his first single 'Brand New Sound' in 2016 which is made entirely from his ability to make sounds using his voice.
Lachlan - Solo  - keys/ guitarist -  Song List Lachlan known primarily for his soulful voice and comfort performing various genres of music.. Though he focuses on pop and R&B, no genre is off limits for Lachlan; nothing too old, nothing too new. Modelling his voice mostly after Jeff Buckley and Whitney Houston, he loves covering anything from Ray Charles to Taylor Swift, and has a strange proclivity towards adapting female R&B songs.
T Terry - Vocal Guitarist - Song List
Cato - vocal /guitarist - Song List CATO has a wide variety of songs under her belt performing all kinds of music from the latest top 40 hits to classic 80s rock. Performing in all sorts of venues such as RSLs, pubs, cafes etc. Her debut single ‘Breathe’ was released on the 12th August 2018 and is available on all music retail stores including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and GooglePlay.
Paul’ -  Song List Paul Albert has been a veteran of the music industry for over 20 years. Playing to appreciative audiences throughout the city and country regions of Australia. Paul’s user friendly repertoire, appeals to many and demonstrates a faithfulness and sensitivity to original artists recordings.
Nina - Guitar/ Keys/ Vocalist  - Song List Enjoy a performance with both electric and acoustic guitar, as well as piano. Funk, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Country, Folk, Grunge and Rock. Nina captivates and never disappoints.
Stephen - A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, Steve earnt his Bachelor of Contemporary Performance in 2011, majoring in Guitar. With degree under his belt, Steve regularly performs as a solo acoustic guitar and vocal act, for many popular venues and events across Sydney and Australia. Steve can be regularly seen performing with The Baker Boys, The Skeletones Trio, Indy Finch, The Australian Blink 182 Tribute show, Cat Stevens Tribute show, (accompanying) Deni Hines, and many more.. Contact us for Song List
Luca - An Italian born singer songwriter, making a name for himself in some of Sydney’s most popular Hotels and Clubs. performing chilled sets for laid back Sunday’s or party tracks that’ll get your patrons on the dance floor.  Luca is fast becoming a popular artist on the Sydney circuit. Contact us for Song List
Hugh is an Australian-American vocalist, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Hugh's band 'Vertigo reached the Australian top 40 in the late 90s, and Hugh has released over 25 independent album releases under either his own name, or with Brooklyn Social, King Luan, Huboi, Gnome Project, Pistols for Lily, Drowning Jester and Monkey Farm. Hugh also provided vocals for Steve Deal band, Sarah Fimm, Berik Kulmamirov and many many others. More..
Chris plays and sings, while using a loop pedal for multi-laying bass and guitar parts, as well as beats. The rendition of songs is full and can be lively for that party time of the night.With a strong yet smooth rock voice accompanied by the warmth of an acoustic guitar, you'll find you and your guests humming along to every tune. Ideal for the smaller wedding or function where your want the warm sounds to resonate through the room without being too loud. Perfect for ceremony, canapés and dinner music. Add to this our DJ or band option for your reception.  Song List